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Offshore Instrumentation and Control

DEP is a leading global supplier of offshore Instrumentation and Control solutions for the oil and gas industry

Calibration Equipment, Incremental and Absolute Shaft Encoders, Controllers, Optical and Laser Sensors, Digital and Analogue, Indicators, Pressure Transmitters

DEP provides both offshore and drilling instrumentation.

  • Offshore Instrumentation
  • Ballast Monitoring Systems and Ballast Control Systems
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Winch Windlass Monitoring
  • Bulk Inventory Management

Drilling Instrumentation

  • Electronic Automatic Drilling Instrumentation
  • Draw works Disc Brake Systems
  • Traveling Block Controller
  • Electronic Crown Protector
  • MD Totco equivalent hydraulic and electronic spare parts
  • Rig Floor Instrumentation – Analog and Digital
  • Computer Based Instrumentation
  • Hydraulic Rig Instrumentation
  • Battery Powered Instruments
  • Integrated Drilling Cabins
  • Draw works Control

We supply a wide range of instrumentation, process control and automation systems for applications where precision and repeatability are very important features.

Accelerometer, Pressure Switches, Calibration Systems, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Diaphragm Seals, Strain Gauges, Electronic Pressure Transmitters, Thermocouples, Laboratory Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges both Differential & Low, Thermo-Wells, Pressure Sensors

Subsea Production and Well Equipment

  • Non-Magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant, Fireproof Tools
  • Anti-Fouling Subsea Marker
  • Topside and Subsea Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Offshore and Subsea Equipment and Seabed Excavation Services
  • Subsea Engineering Equipment