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Process and Control Equipment

DEP provides a wide range of instrumentation – Pressure Measurement Products for Pressure, Flow and Level applications, etc.

We offer Industrial Flow Meters, Flow Switches and Flow Instrumentation which are tough, simple, and accurate, and are suitable for metering water, oils, coolants, compressed air and gases, vacuum, combustion gases and atmospheres, steam, acids etc.

Turbine Flow meters

  • Turbine flow meters provide exceptionally reliable digital outputs. These flow meters are being used for a wide variety of liquid and gas flow sensing applications.
  • The Flowmetrics Tangential turbine Flow Meter is a unique volumetric device. This uses a dual orifice design to direct a stream of fluid tangent to a low mass/balanced rotor and a precision bearing to provide maximum sensitivity.
  • The fundamental application of the Insertion Meter is in large diameter pipes or ducts where the traditional flow meter equipment is bulky and expensive and difficult to maintain, plus the accompanying high pressure drop characteristics and limited flow ranges of “in-line” flow meters

Air Pollution Control Equipment

Air Pollution Control Systems,  Air Scrubbers, Mist Eliminators, Cyclones, Odor Control Systems, Gas Analyzers, Air Purification Systems, Baghouses, Wet Scrubbers, Thermal Oxidizers, Electrostatic Precipitators

Automation and Control

Ball Valves, Gas Sensors, Panel Meters,  Plug Valves,  Analysers, Photoelectric, Controllers, Heaters, Sensors & Relays, Regulators, Interface, Proximity Sensors, Flow Sensors, Panel Power Supplies,  Flow Meters,  Operator,  Transducers, Instruments, Other Valves, Transmitters