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Air Preparation

DEP offers the broadest range of Air Preparation solutions for compressed air in the industry. DEP expertise is unparalleled when applying products which prepare compressed air for drying, filtration, pressure & flow control, sensing, and safety.

DEP Air Prep products include:

  • Air Tanks
  • After coolers – Air Cooled, water Cooled
  • Air Dryers – Membrane, Heatless, Refrigerated (Inlet air at 40/60 Deg C)
  • Water Separator, Main Line Filter
  • Mist Separator – STD, Micro, Super
  • Filters -Odor Removal, Clean Gas, Clean Air
  • Filters: Industrial, Bag Filter, Liquid Filter, Membrane element, Cleaning Fluid Filter, Sintered Materials.
  • Auto Drain Valve- Electrical Type, Motor Operated.
  • Regulators – Miniature, Pilot Operated, Manifold, Precision, Clean, 2-6 Mpa.
  • Booster Regulators -Air Tank & Pressure
  • Lubricators – Large Flow, Auto feed, DP Lube, Booster, Mist Spray, and Impulse