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World class design, machining and assembly of precision and complex products


DEP specialises in the maintenance, overhauls and servicing of Gas Turbines and their associated equipment.

Turbine Control Systems

DEP provides a complete automation control solution for industrial gas turbines, station controls and safety systems. Providing complete SCADA, PLC & DCS as well as Fault Tolerant systems, DEP is at the very forefront of machinery control and monitoring technology.

Our turbine control systems provide the basic engine sequencing and closed loop governor control of gas turbines and can include; HMI systems, plant control systems such as Station Control and Anti-surge control systems for turbo-compressor plant, as well as synchronization and load control for power generation equipment.

Older turbine control systems will eventually reach a point where they are no longer reliable or supportable and the operator may not have the luxury of installing new control cabinets. The operator may instead require a new turbine control system to fit within the existing footprint. 

DEP Systems are specialists at developing retrofit solutions for existing turbine installations, enhancing the control and monitoring available, and providing pathways for ongoing supportability with readily available software and hardware.  DEP enables clients to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the latest controller hardware, SCADA systems and DCS integration, whilst maintaining the existing mechanical systems, field instrumentation and overall layout.

DEP provides a complete integration service for turbine control projects, bringing together new or existing turbines with bespoke controls, complete with gas generator and driven load controls.  Whether your application is; power generation, pumping, or compression, we can provide a single procurement interface and deliver the whole solution.

Rolls Royce Avon, Olympus and RB211 - GE LM2500, LM5000 and LM1600 - GE Frame 3, 5, 6 and 7 - SGT100, SGT200, SGT300, Ruston TA, TB, TD, Tornado and Typhoon - Solar Centaur and Mars

Control Platforms

Oil & Gas

DEP has built up an extensive track record in delivering projects and services to the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry.

We understand the needs of offshore operators to meet increasing market pressures whilst keeping assets operational. 

Able to help both operators and EPCI companies to meet these challenges by offering   technologically innovative and more cost-effective methods for operating assets.

DEP supports both greenfield and brownfield projects with a particular emphasis in asset life extension. 

We can support our clients throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from concept and FEED studies, detailed design, construction,  commissioning, operations & maintenance, and then to decommissioning.

Our range of services includes:

  • Process safety and control systems
  • F&G systems
  • Automation systems
  • LV Electrical systems
  • Site surveys
  • Obsolescence reviews
  • Commissioning
  • Telecoms Systems

Fire & Gas Safety Systems

As part of our wider Fire Safety services, DEP offers a range of integrated Fire & Gas systems for use in industrial applications.

Fire Safety management is the legal and moral responsibility of all business owners and asset managers. DEP Systems offer expert technical skill sets, to provide capable and competent engineers, with the specialist knowledge to keep your personnel and assets safe.

The adoption of functional safety standards continues to grow rapidly worldwide with increasing requirements being set for SIL2 / SIL3 capable F&G systems. Here at DEP Engineering we have partnered with SCAME Sistemi, holding the UK licence, for their Fire & Gas control panels.

DEP Gas Turbine Spare Parts:

Hot Gas Path/Combustion/Major Parts

*Fuel Nozzle
*Combustion Liners/Baskets
*Cross Fire Tubes & Retainers
*Flow Sleeves
*Transition Pieces
*Turbine Buckets/Blades
*Turbine Nozzles
*Shroud Blocks
*Inlet Guide Vanes
*Compressor Blades

Turbine Hardware/Consumable Parts/Tool Kits

*Turbine Specific Tool Kits
*Turbine Bucket/Blade Hardware Kits
*Transition Piece Hardware Kits
*Cross Fire Tube Hardware Kits
*Casing Bolts
*Lock Plates

Turbine Fuel Delivery Systems

* Fuel Nozzles – Gas Only, Liquid Only, Dual Fuel, Water/Steam Injection
* Stop/Speed Ratio Valves & Parts Kits
* Gas Control/Throttle Valves & Parts Kits
* Liquid Bypass/Throttle Valves & Parts Kits
* Fuel Forwarding Pumps
* Y Strainers
* Fuel Filters
* Flow Dividers
* Check Valves
* Flexible Pig Tails

Turbine Auxiliary Systems

* Accessory Gears & Parts
* Load Gears & Parts
* AA Compressors
* Liquid Fuel Pumps
* Lube Oil Pumps
* Hydraulic Oil Pumps
* Bearings
* Oil Deflectors & Seals
* Heat Exchangers
* Pressure Regulating Valves
* Pressure Relief Valves
* Pump/Fan MotorsAir Inlet Filters
* Oil Filters – Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil & Control Oil

Turbine Electrical & Instrumentation Systems

* Pressure Switches, Transmitters & Gauges
* Temperature Switches, Transmitters & Gauges
* High Temperature Cabling – On Base
* Flame Detectors
* Vibration Sensors
* Ignition Transformers
* Igniters/ Spark Plugs
* Ignition/ Spark Plug Cables
* Pump/ Fan Motors
* Thermocouples – Exhaust, Wheel space, Disc Cavity, Blade Path & Bearing Drain
* Solenoids, Solenoid Valves

Control & Protection Systems

* Motor Control Center Parts Generator Protection Relays
* Control System Spares – Control Cards, Power Supplies
* Excitation System Spares
* Current Transformers
* Potential Transformers

Reverse Engineering of Spare Parts

As a Non-OEM and complete-service providers for turbo machinery, DEP offers producer-independent services and spare parts for steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors to customers worldwide.  DEP has more than 2 decade experience in manufacturing of spare parts by reverse engineering. Spare parts for all brands and types of gas & steam turbines and compressors can be re-manufactured according to the provided original part.

Not only the resulting spare part is at least equal to the original part provided., but also, DEP has the possibility to optimize the design of the part in coordination with the customer’s needs. Hence, the spare part delivered by us is technically superior to the original. The superiority might show in different features, e.g.: design, coating, cooling, metallurgy. As for all services provided, DEP issues a guarantee according to industrial standards

Our competences reach from spare parts deliveries to refurbishment, overhauls and retrofitting. DEP offers producer-independent services and spare parts for steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors to customers worldwide. With decades of experience in the field of rotating equipment, the management and employees bring strong references and all the knowledge and flexibility this demanding industry requires. Our competences reach from spare parts deliveries to refurbishment, overhauls and retrofitting.


Durable Engineering & Procurement as an International Engineering and Procurement company that has been dedicated to helping our customers generate safe, reliable power through quality, custom-engineered rotating equipment solutions. Our collective expertise and worldwide presence are coupled with our legacy of creative solutions to best meet our customer’s needs. A leading provider of customized control systems, Our structure and experience work to provide our customers with more efficient, innovative solutions than those possible from an OEM. Because we aren’t bound by burdensome OEM internal commercial processes, we are flexible, and able to customize commercial terms with each of our clients.

Whether you are involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical or Gas production, as your expert partner we consistently provide high quality service and products, on time and at the right price.

Durable Engineering & Procurement Oil & Gas Turbine solutions

DEP serves oil and gas companies across the energy supply—upstream, midstream and downstream—from offshore platforms to refineries and pipelines. DEP’s industry experience enables it to provide proven, reliable solutions that ensure continuous operation for critical processes. Comprised of controls engineers and turbine technicians, DEP provides custom retrofit controls for gas and steam turbines and a full range of mechanical services for turbine overhaul and maintenance. In addition, DEP’s field service staff can be deployed rapidly around the world to troubleshoot and remedy legacy equipment issues.

Selected oil and gas turbine services:

  • Turbine controls for compressors, pump sets, and generators
  • Reliability and monitoring systems upgrades
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring and control solutions
  • Surge control, capacity control, and load control
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair services

Turbine Control Solutions for Oil & Gas
can provide technically proven, custom turbine solutions cost effectively and therefore is a smart alternative to the OEM. DEP’s control and process monitoring equipment can increase the efficiency and reliability of production, transportation, and refining of oil & gas producers.

Mechanical Services for Oil & Gas
DEP has experienced OEM-trained turbine technicians with their own crews. These teams are invited back to customers repeatedly because of their technical expertise, seamless execution, and attentive customer service.

Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Services

With the global marketplace becoming increasingly more competitive, the need for efficiency and minimal downtime has never been more important to refinery and petrochemical plant owners.

Our integrated refinery and petrochemical plant solutions provide value-added services tailored to each client’s needs in an effort help them meet their goals: improved reliability, peak plant performance and minimized downtime.

Comprehensive Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Rotating and reciprocating equipment installation and repair
  • Automation and control
  • Design, procurement and construction
  • Full-service plant engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Emergency and routine maintenance
  • Feasibility studies
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up

Durable Engineering and Procurement as your expert partner is committed to exceed your expectations of excellence with:

  • Materials that ensures the highest performance
  • Application that inspires
  • Technology that create new perspectives.

Please put a few challenges on our way, we look forward to tackling them for you.