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Flow Instrumentation

DEP is a leading supplier of Flow Instrumentation for almost every conceivable industrial fluid. Accurate, Reliable Flow Measurement is critical to the success of any process control scheme. Through our practical knowhow and extensive instrumentation experience we’ll understand your requirements and help you select the right products for your application. In particular, our expertise in flow measurement allows us to offer tailored flow meter solutions for diverse applications, fluid types and process conditions from a wide range of flow technologies.

·         Adjustable Flow Switch

·         Magnetic Flow Meters

·         Air Speed and Angle of Attack Sensors

·         Mass Flow Controller

·         Brass Flow Switch

·         Multiple Flow Tube PTFE Meters

·         Digital Gas Mass Flow Controller, Meter

·         Multiple Flow Tube Meters

·         Direct Reading Glass Flow Meter

·         Piston Flow Switch

·         Direct Reading Rotatable Scale Flow Meter

·         Polypropylene Flow Switch

·         Direct Reading Stainless Steel Flow Meter

·         Propeller Flow Meters

·         Flow Indicators

·         PTFE Medium Range Meters

·         Flow Sensor

·         PVC Shuttle Flow Switch

·         Flow Switch

·         Remote Flow Controller

·         Flow Totalizer

·         Sight Windows

·         Flow Transmitters

·         Single Flow Tube Meters

·         Flow Meter with Flow Limit Switch

·         Single Flow Tube PTFE Meters

·         Flow setter Flow Meter

·         Single Tube Meters

·         Gas Mass Flow Controller

·         Sonic Flow Meter

·         Gas Proportioner Meter

·         Speed Sensors

·         Globe Flow Switch

·         Stainless Steel Medium Range Meters

·         Hot-Film Sensors

·         Thermal Flow Switch

·         Hot-Wire and Hot-Film Anemometers

·         Traditional Orifice Meters

·         In Line PTFE Flow Meters

·         Turbine Flow Sensor

·         Industrial Flow Meters

·         Ultra View Flow Meter

·         In-Line Flow Alarm

·         Ultrasonic Gas Meters

·         In-Line Flow Monitor

·         Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight

·         Dial-Type Flow Meter

·         Underwater Flow Angle Sensors

·         Kit Flow Meter

·         Vane Air Flow Switch

·         Liquid Flow Controller

·         Variable Area Flow Meter Kit

·         Liquid Turbine Meters

·         Variable Glass Flow Meter


·         Variable Area Mu333ltitube Flow System


Flow Instrumentation – Accessories

·         Microprocessor Driven Command Module

·         Disposable In-Line Filter

·         Optical Sensor for Rotameters

·         Liquid/Particle Filter

·         TOT Totalizer

·         Flow Switch, Power Converter Pak

·         Io Signal Conditioner

·         Needle Valve

·         Driver Module



Instrumentation and Tools

Petro Controls offers complete range of instrumentation and tools mainly for drilling and exploration operations. We provide both simple and traditional tool and a modern electronic instrumentation system. We supply a complete product range for many different applications.

·         Acoustic and magnetic sensors

·         Flow meters

·         CCTV surveillance systems for monitoring processes in hazardous, marine and extreme environments

·         Fully automatic testing equipment including testers for vapour pressure, flashpoint, infrared absorption & density

·         Complete instrumentation for electronic rig monitoring

·         Instrumentation for measuring, real-time, water content in oil and gas production directly at the well-head

·         Control valves, pneumatic actuators, pressure controllers, regulators, chemical injection pumps, centrifuges, and control valve trim.

·         Instrumentation to monitor torque applied to tubular goods

·         Data acquisition instrumentation for drilling operations

·         Instruments for testing oil, gas & geothermal well cements

·         Downhole gauges and surface readout equipment to monitor well temperature and pressure

·         Pump-off controls and dynamometers

·         Downhole memory and surface read-out gauges for recording well parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow and depth

·         Telemetry application for LPG tanks

·         Electronic and hydraulic instrumentation for monitoring and controlling drilling rig operations

·         Temperature and pressure detectors


·         Well test equipment, measuring downhole pressure


·         Wireless remote monitoring for propane, fuel oil, and gas.


·         Wireless subsea control and communication systems


Oilfield Instruments and Tools

DEP supplies a wide range of instrumentation, process control and automation systems including Electronic Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, Laboratory Pressure Gauges, Calibration Systems, Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Seals, Thermometers, Thermo-wells, Thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors, etc. We offer a wide range of specialized instruments for the Drilling Monitoring, Mud Logging, Gas Detection, etc.


Pipe handling Tools and Equipment

DEP offers high quality tubular handling tools used in the drilling industry. The tools are designed to meet or exceed API and ISO industry standards.

·         Coiled Tubing Drilling Tools

·         Encapsulation Stripping System

·         Coiled Tubing Drilling Bottom Hole Assembly

·         Encapsulation Stripper (Hand Held)

·         Coiled Tubing Workover Tools

·         Encapsulation Stripper (Power Drive)

·         Flow-Through Cable Head

·         Air Powered Splitter

·         Electric Release Module

·         Hand Driven Splitter

·         Telemetry Module

·         Well Production Testing

·         Casing Collar Locator Module

·         Data Acquisition

·         Dual Pressure Sensor Module

·         Burner Monitoring Acquisition

·         Load Pressure Sensor Module

·         REDI Data Logging Device

·         Gamma Ray Module, Flex Joint Module

·         Portable Data Acquisition

·         Coiled Tubing Surface Equipment

·         Perforating Accessories

·         Logging Data Acquisition System

·         Debris Catcher

·         Logging System, Software

·         Casing Collar Locator

·         Sensors, Depth Encoder

·         Production Logging Accessories

·         Wellhead Microphone

·         Tool in Riser

·         Bulkhead/Collector

·         Stranded Armour Kit

·         Collector Bulkhead

·         Cable Weak Point Tester

·         Hydraulic Collector

·         CT Drilling Tools

·         End-of-CT Detector

·         CT Workover Tools

·         Memory Sensors

·         CT Surface Equipment

·         Electric Line Accessories

·         End-of-CT Detector

·         Mechanical Accessories

·         Memory Sensors

·         Downhole Cable Termination System

·         Electric Line Accessories

·         Wellhead Outlet (2 Line)

·         Mechanical Accessories

·         Subsea Wellhead Outlet

·         Testing Instruments

·         Pigs and Pigging Equipment

·         Instrumentation and Control

·         Anodes and Cathodic Protection