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Laboratory & Test Equipment

A leading provider of oil & Gas laboratory equipment and supplies, we offer everything you need to establish key support bases for oil and gas projects

DEP Leads Laboratory Equipment Market

DEP is a worldwide leader in laboratory analysis equipment. With a product portfolio of over 200 testing instruments, Petro Controls serves its customers with cutting-edge technology and significant R&D resources to support its core technologies: chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, fuels composition, and laboratory automation.

Oil & Gas laboratory equipment and supplies form an integral part of providing vital support to long, short and medium-term oil and gas projects.

Furnishing and equipping oil and gas laboratories can represent a significant challenge. Either onshore or offshore setup may be required and operational timeframes fluctuate according to project lifecycles.

Providing offshore laboratory equipment and supplies for more than 10 years, we are the ideal partner for oil and gas laboratory establishment and maintenance.

We can assist you in the design, planning, purchase and commission of on-site laboratories, as well as their operation, on either a temporary or long-term basis.

Our oilfield laboratory consumables supply services enable us to procure, rent or source third-party field equipment on your behalf, such as Sample Cylinders, chemicals and furnishings. In addition, writing laboratory instrument operating and maintenance manuals is among our extensive capabilities.

Third-party-verified auditing of your premises can also be arranged through our team of consultants and experts.

Choosing us to deliver your laboratory equipment and supplies will offer peace of mind that decades of experience, world-class knowledge and industry-leading support is on your side.

Test Equipment

We offer a wide variety of test equipment used to test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data, including

Analyzers, Integrators, Antennas, Spectrophotometers, Calibrators, Oscilloscopes, Chromatography Instruments, Panel Meters, Coaxial Component, Plotters & Data Loggers, Data Acquisition Equipment, Power Supplies, Distortion Analyzers, Process Controllers, Electrical Test Meters, Product & Material Testers, Electronic Loads,   Pulse Generators,    Frequency Counters,   RF & Microwave Equipment,  Injection Test Sets, Semiconductor Test Equipment, LCR Analysers, Sensing Instruments, Lightwave Equipment,  Signal Generators, Loggers, Spectrum Analyzers, Synthesizers, Meters, Multimeters, Telecom Equipment, Network Analyzers, Thermo Hydrographs, Noise Meters,  Waveguide Hardware,   Optical Measuring Equipment, Wet Chemical Analysis, Optics, Lasers

Laboratory, Scientific Equipment Instruments

Microprocessor Driven Command Module, Disposable In-Line Filter, Optical Sensor for Rotameters, Liquid/Particle Filter, TOT Totalizer, Flow Switch, Power Converter Pak, Io Signal Conditioner,   Needle Valve,  Driver Module

We supply a wide variety of devices that are used in laboratory and other situations

chromatography, Evaporators, Electrical Test Meters,  Freezers, Fridges,   Environmental Instruments, Incubators, Ovens,   Test Equipment, Sterilizers, Loggers,  Lab Furniture, Multimeters,   Microwave Digestion Sys,  Panel Meters, Mixer, Stirrer, Shaker,   Process Controllers,  Optics, Lasers,     Product and Material Testers,  Parts Machines, Recorders,  Pharmaceuticals,   Sample Preparation,   Processing Equipment, Sensing and Measurement Instruments, Pumps, Separation Devices, Purge & Trap Concentrators,  Spectrometers & Analytical Photometers,  Recorders, Integrators,   Wet Chemical Analysis, Robotics, Biotech,   Scientific Software, Centrifuges,    Spectrophotometers, Electrophoresis,  Water, Gas Purification

Analytical Instruments

Calorimeters and Thermal Analyzers,     Hydrometers,   Capillary Electrophoresis Separators, Ion Specific Electrodes and Meters,  Centrifuges,  Laboratory Filters,      Chemical Analyzers,  Moisture, Humidity Analyzers,  Conductivity Electrodes,    Conductivity Instruments,  Specific Gravity Equipment,   Ph and ORP Devices, Durometers – Hardness Testing, Rheometers,  Environmental Test Chambers, Spectrometers, Fluorometers, Tension Instruments,   Gas Testers and Analyzers,      Turbidity and Opacity Testers

Control Systems

Automation and Electronic,     Electronic Motion Control Equipment,     Positioned & Programmable Controllers,  Encoders, AC & DC Electronic Motors,  Linear Measuring Equipmentm, Electronic Measuring Instruments,Positioning Components


DEP supply detection instruments for pipeline projects

Pipe and Cable Locators,   Electronic Markers,    Portable Gas Detectors,     Water Leak Detection,   Fixed Gas Monitor,  Pressure and Flow Data loggers,  Fixed Gas Sensors, Pressure Reduction Valve Controllers, Calibration Gas,  Turbidity Meter,   Metal Detectors,    Streaming Current Monitor,  Sheaf Fault Locators,  Ultrasonic Level Indicators, Sondes